DC Blogs Noted

Sign of the environmental disaster in Logan CircleHerb of DC has photos of the mysterious missing bee memorial at 14th and S.

The Blues and DC at Throwing Hammers. Excerpt: 

“DC kind of grows on you unexpectedly over time,” I told a friend over the phone one time. “So does athlete’s foot,” he replied.

What distinguishes a bar from a club? Other than then the groping, bad alcohol and Lost-like syndrome. Writes Missing the Point: I like to think that I’m used to things here and that I know how things are.

A Case of Emotion in Dupont Circle. Lapplander’s moment of introspection.

The DC Caribbean Carnival drew some 250,000 spectators, and the writer at Intangible Arts returned from it with photos and a report, Of Mud-Men and Feathered Booty

Metro ads stand in a class by themselves. Global Chameleon. Sharp and pointed take.