DC Blogs Noted

Breast Cancer.  I have breast cancer, writes Toddler Planet, a young mother with a 5-month old son and a 2.5-year old son. The discovery to biopsy to diagnosis happened within a very short period of time. In one post this week she wrote:

Please be careful in your comments to me right now — I love and need the support and comments, but I will NOT feel sorry for myself, and I won’t have anyone else feeling sorry for me either right now.

Running out to buy an iPhone? Read DC Universe first. He makes a number of good points, including:  … buying any expensive gadget when it first comes out is like playing Russian Roulette with five bullets instead of six.

Circulator Circumspection. Mr. Anthrope offers advice.

Harry Potter book interrupted by the sight of finger nail cutting woman. Metro bus story at Sean’s Ramblings

Between 2 continents. The experience of flying to Dakar. Nomore a girl, Not yet a Woman!

Miserable turning to tolerable. Capital Weather.

Live Free and Die Hard review for people with very little time to read a review. Renee’s Blog.