DC Blogs Noted

The DC Handshake starts normally. CrankyInColumbiaMD.

The Rat Killing Hawk of Red Cross Square. Herb in DC gets a great photo of hawk and tells the story of the rat it got near the White House. Which rat you ask?

Tatter tots rave at the Tonic at Quigley’s Pharmacy in Foggy Bottom. Big Boned Blog. Tot photo.

A writer who has single-handedly solved any DC police officer pension underfunding problems by paying scads of parking tickets, vents about DC’s parking enforcementDutch Courage.

On the bus: I was listening to gospel music. The music of God, writes ao in dc, and then: Crotch in Face.

DC jury duty report. A good report on what you can expect after the summons arrives at Intangible Arts.

DC’s business friendly climate update: Dry Cleaners Now Open in Capitol Hill Tower – And Promptly Robbed. Near Southeast.

A graduate student in linguistics is also a food critic. Washingtonian Cheap Eats 2007: A Commentary. A Culinary Linguist

Mystery Truck Explained. Photo, too. Mr. T. in DC.

Profiled: Kelly Chen of the blog DC Culture and Fashion by Blog on the Cusp.

Best Guacamole I’ve Ever Had is at the Cafe Atlantico, writes Harmless Addictions.