DC Blogs Noted

A visitor from France, Vince-Blog, is on the Mall for the July 4th fireworks and writes of its climate of psychosis. [Written in French, this link is to a Google translation] Excerpt: 

…  a keen yankee howls us by gesticulant the arms “Evacuation of Mall, a storm arrives, look at the plan of evacuation on the panels!”

The Gold Poppy: Why do we celebrate our nation’s independence with fiery displays and loud booms after getting drunk and eating the flesh of animals?

Fireworks may be in violation of Clean Air Act, writes the Daily Compost.

Different elements are used to produce the magnificent colors that we see bursting before us. Barium = Green. Copper = Blue. etc. All this stuff in the air basically causes a fall out of toxic pollution into the environment, waterways and even our lungs …

39,000 People Can’t Be Wrong: Metrobus Sucks. The Dumping Ground.

Italian Trattoria in Alexandria report at Living Vegan. Photos.