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White House area
Remembering The Pictures Are All I Can Feel Happy and Jaded explains: Six years ago on this date, I was raped. I wrote this post last year and am re-posting it in honor of today. This is brilliant, powerful and emotionally charged writing. It deserves to be published in the New Yorker, but this writer is sharing her life affirming story on a blog. It begins:

The Metro slowly edges forward and pulls up to the platform. I push myself through the mob of people, excited to be out of the cold, misty rain. I unbutton my jacket, dig through my bag for the newspaper that I bought, and get comfortable for my 40 minute ride into the District. …

(Nod to Washington Cube for this recommendation) Everybody’s Got Their Secrets I-495Blues I was unable to make the Webloggers meeting this week, and regret that. But the writer of this blog did attend and files a report. This is a long post that moves from one of the most infamous people on The Hill to the person behind one of the most recognized blogs in the world, Post Secret. He met the author at the DC Webloggers meeting. An excerpt:

As the conversation drew to a close, I asked him the final thing that came to mind:

“Frank, outside of helping to deal with your own secrets as you mentioned earlier… what is the one thing that you’ve learned since starting this project?”

“The one thing I’ve learned?” …

Artist Snubbed by Bag Hungry Hotel Help Painterly Visions Our writer, an artist from New Orleans who calls DC her home, recently attended a press reception — as a blogger — at a boutique hotel, the Hotel Palomar, under construction in Dupont Circle. Bravo. If the press can blog then bloggers are the press.

Alas, the staff didn’t know that I am press, writing for my art blog, Painterly Visions. I forgot to include that in my introduction. An announcement was made in the model Hotel Palomar room, to enjoy ourselves and we would all receive a gift bag when we left. Being infantile when it comes to gift bags, I saw the table of gifts as I was leaving and asked the escort, could I take one? …

Please wake me up from this nightmare Ocean of Reality This is a short post about one of the most difficult things anyone one can face, the dissolution of a marriage. There were some comments, words of support, from readers. The post starts like this:

Yesterday’s counseling session ended up not being counseling at all. It was more of an ‘assessment’ of our relationship by a neutral third party. She gave us some recommendations on what we should do, and sent us on our way. NO follow-up visits …

Fairy Tales Sharkbait The post above is sad but what follows is a well told story about finding love on Craig’s List. A very nice read. An excerpt:

Now, I was never truly into meeting men from the internet (though some have had good luck), but I figured that night, what the hell, why not. I responded to a few friendly sounding ads and then I read the one that captured my heart. It was along the lines of a shy guy looking for sweet girl, into cars, video games, etc.. I responded with something like “I’m a sweet girl, and I know nothing about cars, but I am willing to learn!”

Also Noted: A Firsthand Look at Metered Cabs on DCist. Good luck catching one, but check this post out. As part of a test being conducted by the Taxicab Information Project, 20 of the city’s 6,500 cabs were recently outfitted with meters for an eight-month trial period. (Why do they need an eight-month delay trial period? Is there a fear that a meter is not as accurate as the zone system?) The Heat is On: Apartment buildings are turning on their heating systems. For Field of Flowerz the start of the heating season brings on a song. Starts like: Ohh-wo-ho, ohh-wo-ho … DC Dog Blog, which is written by Hogan, a Jack Russell Mutt in DC. This post has information about canine influenza. Best of Party Photo Awards go to: I-66 and DC Cookie. Check out the Halloween Series on DC Drama Girls. The post is in three parts, so scroll down. Also includes very helpful list of where to get costumes locally. But for something short and quirky, unrelated to Halloween, check out this post: Drop the lingo. Define Sick. Metro adventures. Failed Southern Lady.