DC Blogs Noted

The daughter is in Massachusetts with the ex, and the mother is in DC with a job offer. Options, all painful, face the writer at Starting Today, in her post: Love Song for No One. It starts:

It is terrifying. Like hard to breathe, hyperventilating kind of terrifying. It is terrifying to realize that you are truly and utterly alone. And not only are you alone, but parts of that aloneness are your own doing.

Robert at TeamWetDog, a talented photographer, has put together an online exhibit of work taken with a cell phone. The results are strikingly beautiful.

The Best and Worst of DC. Some of the reasons why Freewheeling Spirit likes it here.

The Long & Short of It. Project Beltway. Photo.

Evidently, an ANC commissioner has made a video of people playing ping pong in front of Comet Ping Pong. Looks like great fun, outdoor ping pong. But the point of the video is to start a global panic over it. Grammar.Police.