DC Blogs Noted

Crabs, beer, sparkly young women and unparalleled desperation are all in the mix at Courting the Crabtastic. Green Canary.

A woman in a dog park is shaken by the threat of police arrest, reports Velvet in Dupont, who is steaming mad.

Is there a better taxi system? There is a Minibus Solution, which has the low cost of a bus but availability of a taxi, reports Rob at The Goodspeed Update. This transportation system is used in South Africa, a place that Rob recently traveled. The link will take you to the most recent post, just scroll down for the rest.

The writer at Best Summer Ever decides to drink tap water. DC tap water. But she overcomes her fear and life is good. Then she reads The Express.

Why I Love Whole Foods! Rantings of a Creole Princess. And they even discontinued her favorite sauce.

The Urban Oasis. Photo of a very attractive landscape. Life in Mount Vernon Square.