DC Blogs Noted

Charlotte Harris, aka Secret Detective Girl, has the smoking “jogger” figured out.

It’s psycho season in Washington DC. A reasonable request to share a table at Lindy’s Bon Appetit at 2000 Penn., draws a nutty response. If you see something, say something

Hey Pretty writes about the fear of being randomly fired for no good reason, and Mr. 46 who arrives in a late-60’s silver roadster convertible. It’s her date.

Bambi strikes again. “How nice of people to offer salad bars,” Bambi thinks. And she leaves a tip, too. The Reconstruction.

Cops and Bloggers. Quiet in the Stacks has an encounter with a cop.

Dear Montgomery County Parking Enforcement … charge me whatever amount you so desire. The Upstate Life.

Tomatoes. A garden in an unlikely place. Prince of Petworth

A Natural Market in Columbia Heights. New store. Painterly Visions, who writes: good food fuels good art.