DC Blogs Noted

Read this action-packed DC bicycle adventure story and then take the poll: Was this guy a jerk because he’s a Virginian, or because he drives a BMW? bloomingdale (for now)

The Pizza Has Landed. Intangible Arts shares impressions and observations of RedRocks: Perfect woodfire crust.

Capitol Hill Barbie: My beauty necessities to get through the next few weeks before recess…

Street Liquor Economics. Two seemingly obscure brands of beer and vodka are big sellers in Rob’s neighborhood . . . judging by the large number of empty containers on the street . . . The Goodspeed Update.

Flame broiled blaze takes the sizzle and the roof out of Wendy’s in Alexandria, writes Big Boned Blog. Her after work out dining option is now ruined.

New art target: sewer covers. Capital Complaints

A bruising game of softball and the photos prove it. Kim’s Notebook.

Farewell to the Warehouse. Fifth and Oh. Shame on the District government, he writes.

He She in DC: You must go to the National Portrait Gallery before September 3rd to see the Harry Benson photography exhibit.

‘Encompassing the Globe’ is a Sackler Gallery exhibit. Writes what? the curtains? : It’s impossible to see all of this and not wonder what it was like to live then.