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Photo: Angry Pushcart Pretzels DC Crime Wave? Logan Circle News DC needs more neighborhood blogs — more sources of grass roots news. And here’s a new blog, Logan Circle News, that helps take this city a step closer to that. I wanted to learn more about this blog and one of the people behind this effort, Chris, sent this note:

We are residents of Logan Circle, who have unfortunately experienced a horrific crime wave – one that continues to terrorize our neighborhood. In an effort to streamline communications (there are just too many listserves and email addresses) we created the blog to unite the community and keep everyone informed.

There are few blogs in DC that write about neighborhood issues (see link list on right), and that’s perplexing. It’s not as if DC residents are shy about online communication – nearly every city neighborhood is served by a mailing list. (See DCist: What’s Your Neighborhood Listserv) But mailing lists aren’t easily accessible or searchable, as Chris’ note implies. Blogs are much better vehicles for disseminating information. If every neighborhood had a blog it would be much easier to identify, on a grass roots level, citywide trends and issues. And if these blogs networked, they wouldn’t face this problem. The blog network would be the media. Why can’t neighborhood Listservs publish some of their content on blogs? Crime trend? Logan Circle isn’t the only blog reporting a crime issue. In Shaw also noted a problem in a recent post, Crime Uptick. This brings us to the Logan Circle News, which has a number of crime reports, including here and here. 2000 Life Outtacontext
The art is the message here, and speaks for itself. There’s a short intro from the main page, then the graphic should launch by itself. If for so some reason it doesn’t, then click on this second screen link.

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