DC Blogs Noted

RooshV has written a book, Bang, I wish I had when I graduated from college six years ago. It’s his take on dating and life, and it is reviewed by the blogger at Pre-marital Sax: He lays out an encouraging case for any young male who has not been as successful as he wishes to.

Short video. Misadventures in DCinside my humble Chinatown office.

Eamonn’s in Old Town, a report by DC365: We dipped and ate, dipped and ate …

Dinner at the District Chophouse and Brewery. A report at DC Gastronome

More good than bad about the Starbucks at 14th Street, Columbia Heights. I See DC

About the dead birds that closed Metro stops. why.i.hate.dc, calls it ridiculous inconvenience; remarks commenter, remember how miners … It was all a mistake, reports the Express.