DC Blogs Noted

Sometime ago Roosh V., aka DC Bachelor, penned a hilarious and memorable post about his plan for a DC Puppy Rental Service as a way to meet women. Well, guess what? In surfing some NYC blogs this weekend, we came across Janeism, an upper Manhattan-based blogger, who has a report about a real dog rental service in NY that’s coming to DC. It’s called Flexpetz and you can rent a dog for a few hours to a number of days. Janeism writes: … now, in exchange for some cash, I can buy something close to that love and drop it off when I’m done. It’s puppy prostitution, in a sense. But like a lonely sailor in a new port, I might be tempted. Others commenting. Harlem Fur: the idea of leasing a pet strikes me as a bit strange.

Dad is planning a visit and the clean-up has begun. Dealing in Subterfuges.

DC2NY: Luxury Bus and its Wi-Fi service, a report by The Mark Pike. He ask: If a bus is traveling at 65 mph, and it’s emitting a wireless internet with a data rate of 9.2kb/sec , does an email get sent faster if the bus accelerates?

Left Behind. A wedding of a friend becomes disconcerting for the writer of Bathroom Reading.

Job interview question: “Have you ever dealt with irate customers?” Hybrid Thoughts.