DC Blogs Noted

El Guapo, the most Guapo man in all of DC, writes: Adios. Arjewtino pens a tribute that no doubt expresses a widely shared sentiment.

Much like a gaucho saddened by the falling of his enemy, I am wistful at the idea that my Guatemalan rival will no longer be blogging. No more Argentina-bashing; no more bragging about his glorious moustache; no more daily ruminations on his vida de pasion. El Guapo had a loyal (and rightfully so) following. He will be missed.

A chance meeting in an airport has Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page asking: How Big is Too Big a Coincidence?

Here goes. Roosh V begins his grand South American adventure. Map shows the route. Good travels to him.

Trip report. Own the Press writes: Vancouver is a lot like being in D.C. except for one difference.

CarFree DC writes: One of my personal pet peeves is cyclists who ride past and don’t call out “on your left” or some other derivative.

Political bloggers may be mostly male but in the local blogging world, there are more women bloggers. On the political front, girl from the south raises issues about gender and blogging.

Oklahomers Fight Terror with Museums. More wit from the pages of real life at Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog.

The Chalice Blog writes: I just bought a fake Kate Spade purse from the guy selling fake designer purses on Vermont Avenue. Photo.