DC Blogs Noted:

No title Beauty and the Beltway I made note of a post by this author in the notes column Tuesday. As a rule, I like to space out blog posts by various authors. The goal is to expose readers to a range of blogs. But I couldn’t ignore this post and the note sent to me by the author of DC Rush Hour: I think it’s one of the best and most mature blog entries I’ve read in a long, long time. I’ll share that view. The writer has turned off comments to her post and for reasons that may seem clear. Her post starts like this:

On a sunny day in early March 2001, I sat at the desk in my dorm room penning a series of letters. One to every family member, and three more to my closest friends. When I was done, I sealed the envelopes and walked down the stairs to my car. I breathed in the crisp fresh air and dewy sunshine feeling disappointed that it was such a nice day. After all, in my film noir imagination it would be dreary and stormy on the day that I was going to end my life …

I’ve Been Thinking About My Doorbell … Velvet in Dupont Velvet is direct, cutting and her writing style reflects this. She usually doesn’t hold back. But in this post, someone makes a connection to Velvet’s blog, whom Velvet calls The Bartender. An excerpt:
I find it absolutely endearing that he slowly let the cat out of the bag that he had actually read as much as he did. Most men would be afraid to admit that they have any tiny miniscule interest in your life. Apparently not my Bartender.

An Open Letter …. Militant Hedonist Our civilization is coming to an end and this author finds proof on the GW Parkway. We pick up his letter:

Dearest Sir: I am not a professional etiquette technician. I will freely acknowledge this fact. I was actually a poor student of the household arts, and to this day could not tell you the essential difference betwixt a tea cozy and a coaster, or between a bow and a curtsey, for that matter. In short, I have absolutely no professional grounds for the following judgment.

Big Man’s Blogging Blunder From Fat to Fabulous This is a short post, well told, that ends with an interesting question:

This morning in our weekly all staff meeting the “big man” asked if any of us “blog.” I know for a fact that at least 10 people I work with blog, but we all hung our heads in shame …

Also Noted: Tools are like catnip for men. From DCLastCall Musing. High Heel Races: Several dirty martinis and Liz Taylors (purple like her eyes) later, the conversation had made the uncomfortable turn to our respective parents’ sex lives. Clearly, it was time to head out to the street … from a new blog, It’s Like Three’s Company, but Not. More High Heel Race reports on Field of Flowerz, … This is my 6th year in DC but the first time I’ve gone to see the race. And Dragon in Retrograde tells us about a pre-race party: The party was comprised almost entirely of gay men and their straight wives. And, while waiting for his frozen toes to thaw, Are You Kidding Me wonders: Is my life really this boring?
Tourist Report: They want blood! Republican blood! From Homemade Sin – A Conservative Songwriter Caught in Squirrel Cage. It’s a renter’s market, writes Joint Strike Weasel. I’m willing to take his gamble and hold off on buying for a year or two rather than risk getting stuck in a condo if prices do go down. Dancing links on Sara’s Blog Spot.