DC Blogs Noted

A painter observes the morning commute and is thankful she isn’t part of it. The post, by the blogger at Wynn Creasy Fine Art, LLC., is called Selling out or Selling? Excerpt: The majority of them have the most sour faces imaginable. A look so completely resigned to a fate they seem to have no control over.

Things I’ve noticed on the Metro, writes This can’t be happening. The writer offers a list of unflattering and rude behaviors that she has observed.

Foreign affairs. Notes of a Booker. An excerpt: I finally worked up the nerve to invite him to go to the TV Radio correspondents dinner and he responded by informing me, gracious as ever … that “his friend Z from CNN” was already mad at him for not being her date.

The score was LA Galaxy 0 – 1 DC United, but Ouij captures this special night in prose: So it was for the forty-five thousand that came In their cars, on the train, to a Thursday night game …

Comparing DC to Tehran. Lady Sun writes: … Even the bad design of the streets, traffic, and people’s driving reminds me of Tehran!

An independent music store increases its visibility Som. Intangible Arts.

A report about a new Georgetown restaurant, Hook, at iEat DC. Who writes: The long, tall table by the bar looks like a fun place to gather with friends after work.