DC Blogs Noted

Bartenders throw a Georgetown drunk into a taxi and the writer of the Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie checks the license of his intoxicated passenger to get an address. He arrives at the house carrying the passenger on his shoulder and that’s when all hell broke loose.

A man trapped inside a burning building breaks a window and yells, “Help, help!” Lola calls 911. Some bystanders take pictures with their camera phones. Whatever Lola Wants. This may have been the fire: DCFD photo. For the story, go to the DCFD site and scroll down until you see: Adult Male Rescued from Burning Shaw Apartment. Victim was in critical condition, the fire department reported.

Starting Over Sucks. In this latest installment about her marriage implosion, the writer explains how terrible she felt to give up her Dupont Circle condo for marriage.

DC vs. NYC. DC Unadulterated. A transplant writes.

Buy pepper spray. Advice from stop, blog and roll following an assault.

Ask for the Beckham hair cut. Woodley Pahk