DC Blogs Noted:

Foggy Bottom Metro Strong Women Candy Sandwich Plans for the day include honoring “the woman who made a stand by taking a seat,” Rosa Parks. This is from a new group blog. This is post is by Kristen. I am young, urban professional white girl who grew up somewhat poor but most certainly not disadvanted in southeastern Ohio – far from the tumultous south of the 60s. In addition to that, I am uncomfortable around coffins. I prefer to remember people as they were: strong, vibrant, alive. However, I will leave soon to join the line, to honor the very honorable Mrs. Parks in the only way I know how. I would stand all night if I had to, if I have to. Borf With a Lit Degree? Lies & Fish Just to set this one right, the title is mine. The post by this writer is actually called Consider it Implemented. The concept, from what I gather, is described as an Emergent Novel. The novel is on stickers placed around the city. Presumably other people (blue collar editors?) get to scrape the Emergent Novel off. Consider that. What makes me think this may be an elaborate blog hoax (blog name tip off: Lies & Fish) was this line: Another participant, by contrast, attempted to sticker a duck. I mean, seriously, who would attempt to do such a thing to an animal? This has to be a joke, right?

.… we headed down to Dupont to start making DC part of a novel. I passed out stickers and we split up; Dan and I walked to Georgetown and the waterfront, Matt and Kay stayed around Dupont, and the others Metroed to the Mall. Two hours later, we reconvened to share impressions, noticing along the way that some of the earliest stickers had already come down …

New Kiss and Tell Blog Sex and Our City Five women, born somewhere between the late-1960s and mid-1970s, have started a blog because they want a place “where we could talk about dating and relating and kissing and sex … This IS going to be one of THOSE blogs.” That was from the introductory post. The writers have been introducing themselves in subsequent posts. This excerpt is from the post titled, Joi De Vivre:

I’ve been single more than I’ve been a double. And it seems strange to me. Well, it seems strange to me that any of us are single, frankly. All of us posting here are intelligent, attractive, creative, empowered women – what the hell is the problem with men out there? Seriously, we are not a bunch of couch potatoes pining away for men as we consume pints of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and watch romantic comedies.

Lessons Learned Sueandnou Our writer is in Georgia and files a report with some stunning photos: When a German says, “We’re going out to the mountains to fly kites on Saturday, want to join?” What he means is: “We are going to jump off of a mountain on Saturday.” Also Noted: The DC blogosphere is picking up on a new Web mapping offering, Frappr. Father Jim Tucker of Dappled Things is using it and credits the Republic of T for the tip. Also setting up a Frappr map is DCBachelor. “A really neat application of the Google map technology,” writes Father Tucker. Diary of an Angry Black Woman goes to Hooters and has an epiphany. Interning in DC this fall is Lauren at My Life and this is her job: My heart broke when I had to brief my Director on the 2,000 landmark that the US Military reached in Iraq.