DC Blogs Noted

My exhusband is dead, writes Crazy Girl City. It involves a double murder and suicide in Orlando.

Sitemeter love stories. I’ll Think of Something. Post title: Dear person who came my blog via the Google search “Help I’m in Love With a Homeless Dude”

The Home Improvement Ninja spills Coke Classic on laptop. This prompts sympathetic, thoughtful comments from readers, including: Warranties cover manufacturing defects, not your brain defects.

The East Hall is amazing! Save Eastern Market. Back in operation.

Great acoustics. A review of Coppi’s Organic as a place to eat and have a conversation. Gluttony: The High Cost of Living

In the dc blogosphere blogs about fashion — particularly those with photos of everyday wear — seem to be getting more popular. Here’s another one that just popped up: People As Places

Should DC have congestion pricing? WashCycle.