DC Blogs Noted

DC Boys say DC Girls are Ugly, but Smart. The WashingtonGardener goes off-topic after overhearing a conversation about how DC women differ from those in other cities.

Oh. Em. Gee! The strangest public restroom incident …. Kim’s Notebook

Unattended bags on Metro. Overheard. So D.C.

Rules for Riding the DC Metro. There’s a separate set of rules for Metro employees as well. The SnapClap

Pop history: Rock Creek Ginger Ale. Political Periphery

Lost Dog at 6th & K. Goes by the name Otis. Photo. Frozen Tropics.

The two-year anniversary of Katrina is Wednesday. Writes A Silent Cacophony: In terms of competence, Katrina will be the exemplar of this administration’s approach to domestic governance the same way that Iraq will define it with respect to U.S. foreign policy, and deservedly so.

Karl Rove is spending his retirement getting even with AU students. Culture Warrior.