DC Blogs Noted

My current location ... The other Washington Living in the City Veritography This is a story about a day in the city that’s told in a series of seemingly disconnected but vivid sketches. It’s powerful writing. An excerpt:

Washington DC isn’t an organism with a closed circulatory system, like that of a human being which needs a heart to pump the blood to all the cells of the body. Instead, this is a city with an open circulatory system, like that of a clam … There is no beat, just a lot of blood that can get anywhere and do what it needs to do without a pump telling it where to go.

Fantasy (Photoshop) Island Throwing Hammers This is sidesplitting, hilarious story telling involving some local bloggers. Our writer, Mr. Travis, becomes your host of his version of Fantasy Island. His story includes some artful and clever photo work. DC Squirrels on Crack? And So It Is …. UK news outlet reports that there are crack-addicted squirrels living in city parks. Fox News picks it up. Is this projection on the part of Londoners — is there really such a thing as crack-addicted squirrels? – Reya. An excerpt:

Can anyone find a source to confirm crack-addicted squirrels in DC???

A Blog About Gardening Washington Gardener This is a new blog started by the people behind Washington Gardner magazine, which began publishing this spring. It’s fifth issue was recently mailed out. Kathy Jentz, the editor and publisher of the Washington Gardner, writes: The blog was started to talk about the behind-the-scenes on the magazine as well as give tips and thoughts on DC area gardening. From a recent post:

Time for a rant. I hate this time of year. I hate it being dark by 5:00 pm. I hate the falling leaves drowning out my flower beds. I hate the cold winds that blow when I’m trying to clean out my pond. I hate the 1,000s of acorns that I’m constantly stepping on, sweeping aside, picking out of pots, etc. I hate the thought of that coming hard frost that will kill all my still-blooming annuals. I hate everything turning the same muddy brown and sallow hues.

Weighty Battle DC Bachelor and Chase-ing Complacency DC Bachelor takes umbrage at women who write about dieting, which prompts a counterattack from Chase-ing Complacency. (A Cube find) Some excerpts: DCB: I’m concerned by a recent trend that is corrupting the quality of some DC blogs I read: blogging about dieting and weight. Apparently for female bloggers, weight loss is such a huge issue that internet help is needed in the form of blogger support circles, with meetings held in comments sections. CC:You deserve to be discriminated against, looked down upon, made fun of, and deemed untouchable because society says it’s okay to do so. Who cares that most women are not a size 2 and that the average size for women is a size 12. Our society is shallow and you just don’t fit in.