DC Blogs Noted

The Art of Crisis….Blonder than You. A neighbor calls to report that the building sprinklers are going off. As she drives back to her apartment, the writer takes a mental inventory of the possible damage.

Yawn. The National Book Festival. Sept. 29. Sarah E. Moffett, who writes: The Book Mobile better hope the fans don’t get crazy. They might loose something serious, like a hubcap.

Goo-Headed. The new name for love. fiery nuggets.

Le Pain Quotidien – Bakery and Communal Table. Sounds good. DC Gastronome

Help make polar bear costumes. Indymedia.

Last pitch, last strike, last out ever at RFK. The Average Blogger. Photos.

Eviction mess. Shocking. Photos and comment on Metroblogging and Prince of Petworth.