DC Blogs Noted:

At War in Iraq The Replacements This blog is written by a officer serving in Iraq, a Lt. Adam. In a note about this blog, April of Captain & Coke, wrote: Adam is actually a lawyer from the Arlington area who is currently fighting the war in Iraq due to his Army Reserve status. He tells of his military experiences that will have you captivated from the first sentence. The blog dates from December 2004, just before his call-up. He doesn’t post too often, but his work is well crafted and the archives are worth the visit. An excerpt from a Sept. 15 post:

My training tells me that without knowing the enemy situation, the location of friendly forces, and the direction to the enemy, rolling in with our guns blazing, without an informed plan could possibly be one of the worst things I could do.

The army calls it “tactical patience.”

I call it the longest ten minutes of my life.

Extra Helpful Rants and Ramblings Some aspects of ecommerce seem a little creepy, this writer notes.

… while I’m aware that my movements on any Web site are bound to be tracked in some manner or another, it’s a little unsettling to have my surfing activities reflected right back at me, unsolicited …

Also Noted: Birthday round up Memories, celebrations by Scorpios. In a drunken Caps game moment I introduced my soon-to-be beau to my ex by saying, “This is Ronny. We used to have sex.” I’m not a girl, not yet a wino The HAWT waiter with the deep, sultry voice comes by and asks if we need anything else. I look at him seductively and say “yes, a glass of ice…” And he brought it! He then turns to A. and says, “is she always like this?” DC Cookie