DC Blogs Noted:

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You Like Breasts? The Lexfiles An intro to this entertaining and well written post could spoil its fun. It starts like this:

The question just hung there for a second. She had smiled as I walked up, maybe mischievously? Perhaps flirtatiously? But I thought to myself that I must have misheard her. I went through the usual facial contortions – the furrowing of the brow and the narrowing of the eyes and all that, almost grimacing in my attempt to not drop the smile that had previously been gracing my lips. ….

40 Points for Grandma DC Viking DC driving adventures. An excerpt:

… Not smart, I know. Miss Viking has already lectured me on this. “Don’t flip people off in traffic. Didn’t you hear about the guy whose dog was pulled from his car when he did that?!?” I hadn’t, I have no idea what that means, but rest assured I have already had my senselessness pointed out to me …

Boys – Earmuffs Sarah DisGrace The “Boys – Earmuffs” title describes a machine in a women’s restroom. But the real story here is this writer’s sharp-edge, and wonderfully illustrated, humor. Scroll through the posts.

Crime on the Metro My Tiny Voice in this Big World A friend’s wallet is stolen on the Metro, but transit officials and police offer little help. An excerpt:

Last weekend, my friend had her wallet stolen while on Metro. She had it when she picked up her ticket, couldn’t find it as they exited the station at their last stop …