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Final Chapters The Happy Booker Wendi Kaufman’s blog, The Happy Booker, is a great resource about DC metro area authors and literary events. Wendi is a writer and adjunct lecture at Johns Hopkins MFA program in Dupont. This particular post is about the effort to save Chapters: A Literary Bookstore at 445 11 St. NW. The bookstore recently marked its 20th anniversary, but is facing financial problems, writes The Happy Booker. “… the small indie bookstore is going nonprofit and appealing to the public for support. 1,600 people willing to contribute $50 each is what it’s going to take to keep this vibrant bookstore open.” The Happy Booker is doing its part to raise awareness through a series of essays about independent book sellers. In this post, Jeremy Mercer, whose latest work, Time Was Soft There, a memoir of the Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company, was released last month by St. Martin’s Press. An excerpt from his essay:

I have nothing against the online booksellers and big chains; anybody who spreads the written word is doing noble work. I just believe that independent bookstore owners, the more eccentric the better, are on the fast track to sainthood …

Eyes Front, Mouth Shut DirectCurrent The art should provide enough hint to understand the title. Click for the rest. This post comes highly recommended by the entire dcblogs contributor team, Reya and Cube, and in a note from Lucy. It’s very funny.

Take to the Sky Countersignature One family’s upcoming Thanksgiving experience will also be a difficult time. A powerful read. (Nod to DC Cookie for the link) It starts like this:

Tomorrow we will be leaving for California on a not-a-vacation trip. My wife’s mother is very ill and we’re going to visit her. It’s been a long struggle over the past few years with a lot of hope and even more disappointment, but it appears we’re dwindling down to end-of-life options.

Also noted: Photographer Theresa Manzanares of Blue Coyote Laughing recently did a segment on NPR’s All Things Considered on the use of “toy cameras,” which are described as cheaply made plastic devices that leak light resulting in interesting photo effects. She has two posts about this, the first, Toy Cameras on NPR provides a link to the NPR site and streaming audio playback. When he’s not throwing reporters in jail or indicting White House second raters, Patrick J. Fitzgerald keeps his blog up. Relationships. He speaks in strange words likemarriage…babies…Laura, move in with me.” All I hear is “blah..blah..blah” From WonL Global warming shivers. From The Blog From Nowhere Dick Cheney in the ‘hood From Machination Butterstick chronicles: Sprite Writes succeeds where DCist fails. Today’s Almost-Darwin Award: Going outside for a smoke while flying. From Articulatory Loop. Who needs turkey: Eggplant Parmesan with Prosciutto. From Tasting Journal’s Recipes. Washington DC is run by incompetent morons. Stadium. From America Blog.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. Taking a break over the holiday and will return this weekend.