DC Blogs Noted


A government contractor at the Pentagon writes about being stigmatized for being a contractor. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection.

Midnightthirty’s post, By Accident, begins: I’m not sure which event from this weekend was stranger: Having a reality-show TV star see me topless, or being solicited for sex by a gay man in the women’s restroom at Chaos.

Pillows of bliss. Intangible Arts: How can it be that I’ve been a part of the marvelous city of Washington DC all this time, and I just now get to Julia’s Empanadas?

DC-centric, gift ideas. 14th & You. Suggestions range from guided walking tours to bar hopping.

After the car is dented, hours after, the spouse asks one thing. Pink Lemonade Diva

There are vampires in DC. The real deal, writes ChrisKobar.

DCBlogs first annual photo contest. Click here for details.