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The writer at Two Shorten the Road attends “The Nation’s Gun Show” at the Dulles Expo and is disturbed by some of things she sees. Excerpt:

I saw at least four tables with Nazi armbands and flags for sale. My thoughts on this: The people who think Nazi stuff is cool are the same people who are likely to go shoot up their high schools.

Like many, the writer at A flower in the rough. avoids looking at the homeless and beggars. But on this night, I saw something I simply couldn’t look past.

Best. Thanksgiving. Appetizer. Ever. Sweetpea’s Garden

Wine shopping for Booo-jo-lay. The Home Improvement Ninja

Stef at the The View from 16th Street, discovers for herself a better way to communicate with family. Excerpt: … this family visit was different. For the first time in a very long time, I actually said what was on my mind.

Overheard: Do you have a fanny pack hidden under that sports coat? EavesdropDC.

Kelly the Culinarian. DCblogs photo entry and a little bit about me. About the contest.