DC Blogs Noted:

Fame Virginity Lost The Countdown of V Not two days after Larissa starts this blog it’s picked up in the Washington Post Express’ Blog Log – an impressive accomplishment, but also recognition of its unique (for DC at least) news value. The Countdown of V is the story of a twentysomething ‘accidental’ virgin who is counting down the days until she joins the ranks of the ‘initiated.’ (We’d love to know what key words the good folks at WaPo are using to search for blogs.) At 25, Larissa, a snappy writer, considers herself something of anomaly. An excerpt from one suitor encounter:

It was at a rooftop Fourth of July party in Brooklyn years ago that he caught my eye. I saw him carrying in a pack of Bud, and loved how his T-shirt was just the right amount of snug. Oh and he had the most gorgeous eyes — Unfortunately I was so lost in them that it didn’t really sink when he told me that he didn’t drink and was from Utah. The night ended innocently with a switch of cell numbers, and we began dating soon after.

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A note: Blogging really does return far more than it takes in time and effort. And after attending last night’s Blog Bash, that has never been more true for me. The people I met were wonderful, warmhearted and generous — just like their blogs. A big thanks to the organizers, City Sparkle, DC Cookie, Kathryn On…, and Rhinestone Cowgirl.