DC Blogs Noted


Over the holiday, a hospital emergency room is busy with people seeking help for chest pain, reports the writer at Does It Rain On The Moon? But while the pain comes from the heart, the remedy won’t be found in the emergency room. An insightful post about life in our time.

Early Sunday afternoon, the writer at Prince of Petworth is chatting with a neighbor outside when they hear gunfire and see a car speeding away. The gunshots, fired in the early afternoon, are disturbing but what bothers the writer is his reaction to it.

Resigning from a job at the Smithsonian is an ordeal involving a process called “exit clearance.” DC Donut describes it in two posts, Twelve and Fourteen.

mayhem by miss m is traveling in Egypt and files this report: day 4 in the land where honking the car horn can mean several things.

Grateful Dating decides to skip Thanksgiving and describes how she spent the day.