DC Blogs Noted


The dog walking business doesn’t bite, but there are accidents. Econo-Girl An excerpt: Of course as your business grows, you hire people. Then it really gets tough. Like the guy who sat in someone’s house and ate a bucket of chicken and left some of the bones and biscuits lying around. The client was a vegetarian, by the way.

A Perfect DC Moment. Life through the T-glass

The DC Department of Revenue and Loot can’t keep their records straight, either. Signs of the Apocalypse #239: DC Government. Farm Fresh Meat

Five Feet above Water writes that this is the time of year … that always gets me thinking of where I am in life and what happiness means for me …

From the diary of a woman killed by suicide bomber: People tend to disregard happiness, and I think I know why. Hybrid Thoughts

Vapid. Getting ready for night out. just going with it . Excerpt: Maybe she tosses back a beer or two with her roommate who’s similarly readying herself on the other side of the wall … maybe realizing her college pregame days are long gone and should not be replicated in any way, maybe not.

Exciting job offer for a journalist with diplomatic skills, entrepreneurial attitude, and problem solving mojo. Susan Katz Keating