DC Blogs Noted


Better Eat Fast. The writer is kicked out of a restaurant for taking too much time to enjoy wine and conversation. Sarah E. Moffett

Some second chances are harder won. The story of Jackson, the blind dog. Washington Humane Society.

Three photos worth looking at. Bloomingdale (for now). Especially the photo of the DC townhouse getting two additional stories that will tower it above adjacent houses.

Excuse me, will you support the revolution? The writer Blank Top Chronicles engages one these ubiquitous t-shirt sellers in an effort to find out what the revolution is all about.

Facebook gambles that its members won’t mind seeing their online purchases broadcast to others on this service. As antigravitas points out: No one ever posts “is shopping for sex toys on the internet” as their Facebook status

Wedding insurance? It’s an option, apparently, if there’s any fear that something may go terribly, horribly wrong. Decidedly Uncomplicated.

Well, the honeymoon is over. Moxie reports about her wedding. Another Day in DC.