DC Blogs Noted


Excerpts from the 92 bus. DC Zia rides the bus and overhears a conversation. Her post begins: I always say you have not truly lived in DC until you’ve taken the bus.

Service? More like Recitation. Two stories about encounters with restaurant waitstaff. lacochran’s bloggery

In line at CVS, Smash defends her turf. Excerpt: I turned and with syrupy sarcasm said, “oh, I’m sorry. Is this your first LINE ever? Do you not understand how they work?”

Misadventures in DC writes about the pattern of life with his roommate. It begins: It’s amusing to me how, over the course of three years, my roommate and I have unwittingly entered into an odd sort of non-sexual pseudo-relationship.

cocoa mademoiselle shares photos of her new tattoo. Introducing…Artemis, my lucky koi

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