DC Blogs Noted


It’s hard to imagine what the writer at Toddler Planet, a young mother, is going through in dealing with inflammatory breast cancer. But she is a brilliant, completely connected writer, whose blog is a gift to the rest of us. This is her truth for the day.

Year-end close out deals on pricy condos. That $450,000 condo is now a “name your price” bargain, writes Urban Trekker

Confidence and Great Grandmas. ilike seamonsters and the post begins: My sister tells me she can’t remember me from our childhood. This is something that completely floors me.

Girls With Guns in Churches. Title aside, this thoughtful analysis looks at the mushy middle of the self defense with guns debate. Dumb Things I Have Done Lately

Where to find the perfect Office Holiday Party Dress (OHPD). Pop to the rescue. At Home In DC