DC Blogs Noted


In an effort to make the District safe for the storm, the city’s public works department creates a bigger mess. Scroll down to check out photos. Runny Tongues (a d.c. famblog)

About driving in DC, Cvil 3D Rocks, writes: Turning mistakes in D.C. are cumulative and you can almost hear the sound effects of a pinball machine as you drive.

RAZR2 is a Horrible Waste of a Phone. A tough review of this popular cellphone line from Motorola. Conservative Futurist

Photo review of A Washington Social Christmas by The DCeiver . It was great, he writes.

Tis the season to be supportive. Life of Red. Writes of a co-worker whose son was recenlty diagnosed with Lukemia.

Regarding Metro’s fare hike, a Maryland resident writes: my cost to get to work just went up $1.95 a day, or $39 a month, or $468 a year. Maryland Politics Watch

Three suggestions for Metro from why.i.hate.dc.

A North Carolinian transplant to DC writes: I use to scorn North Carolina. I found it to quiet and dull for my taste. Urban Dharma