DC Blogs Noted


Top 100 Albums of 2007. Avoid Self Deception. A lot of work went into this list.

On The Hill: Life in Washington DC writes: Finding housing in DC is tough. Finding decent, affordable housing in a safe neighbourhood is, as I’m finding, is practically impossible.

A round-up of photos of Capitol Hill Books: A Mess in Washington DC. Book Patrol

Extensive review of Tabard Inn at DC Foodies

Food find: National Air and Space Museum. Kelly the Culinarian

Local author event note: Carole Burns, whose book Off the Page, a collection of her author interviews for the Washington Post, is holding a book launch party tonight at Busboys and Poets from 6 to 8 ap.m. Mary Kay Zuravleff and Carolyn Parkhurst will also be reading. Also, Holiday Book List—Carole Burns, writes The Happy Booker