DC Blogs Noted

A man on a Metro bus isn’t moving and efforts to shake him awake don’t work. The bus driver asks passengers: “What do you think I should do?” To this the writer at The True Tales of a Caffeine Addict says, I doubt it would have been too much to check to see if the man has a pulse.

Yeah, I cry over the Military History channel. Church of the Big Sky. Looks for her mother in the old films.

I Now Pronounce You offers some sharp thoughts about the Mitchell Report, and writes: I kept thinking that someone, anyone, would step up and express exactly what I was feeling. I waited…and I waited.

Doctor of Thinkology takes a different look at Hillary in Journey of the Hero.

Photo. Blue Coyote Laughing uses dodge and burn to paint.

Is America Ready For a Black President? AverageBro.com

The first war casaulty of 2008, Major Andrew Olmsted, was also a prolific blogger. Catch Up Lady. He prepared a blog post in this event. Catch Up Lady writes:

Olmsted’s death not only underscores the power of blogging as a medium and a means of self expression, but also calls attention to the “digital lives” that so many of us lead and the large online community we touch as a result.