DC Blogs Noted


The primal male impulse to do dumb things may be hereditary. Like Father Like Son at The Short Fat Kid.

Seventeen feet worth of Theordore Roosevelt await you at one of DC’s least accessible monuments. In addition to a Teddy primer, this Monument Monday post by The DC Traveler includes a short history of Roosevelt Island’s prior names, prior owners and fateful fiascoes.

Armchair Generalist contrasts Chinese involvement in Africa to U.S. efforts in the region. Commenters advise readers to look at the involvement of a couple other regional powers as well.

Char at Living Car-Free! donated her pickup truck in exchange for a free lifetime Zipcar! membership and has been getting by on bike, metro and Zipcar since December. So far she’s saved money in a variety ways, including the new taxes and fees for Northern Virginia automobile owners. (A Freewheel find.)

Mama’s Got Moxie offers a retort to the “no T.V. for kids under two” school of thought. An excerpt: I wonder how they make that happen. I mean, do they sit in front of their infants and toddlers and sing “Hey, Diddle, Diddle” all day long? Are they that opposed to Elmo and his fishy friend Dorothy? Did they not enjoy Big Bird’s antics as a child?

It’s been described as “a moving and poignant account of an ordinary man’s experiences in an extraordinary situation.” Army soldier Harry Lamin has recently returned to the war’s front lines and blogs without restrictions. The catch? It all happened 90 years ago. At WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier, Harry’s grandson has transcribed the letters Harry sent home and now posts them to a blog exactly 90 years after they were written. Full background available via the blog’s first posts.