DC Blogs Noted


Sub-13 year old girls were sent to the Hannah Montana concert without parental escort, reports PQGirl at Penn Quarter Living. She finds a group of girls lost and crying on the Metro. Irresponsible parents, she writes but also raises a question: What is the Verizon Center’s policy on unaccompanied minors?

Women Can’t Get a Break. This post was written before Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire victory, but the question is timeless: Why are we so stuck in the stone ages about gender roles in this country? PunditMom.

About Barack Obama, Spice at Sugar N Spice writes: His words were true, poignant , and timely and touched the heart of this African-American woman who had seen much, heard much, and experienced much discrimination in this so-called “fair” society.

Gang violence appears to be escalating in Shaw, reports OffSeventh, who writes: So here we are just 9 short days into the new year and yet again we have another shooting with bodies along 7th Street. [Tuesday night. Photo}

Greed, stupidity, Hoya tickets on Craigslist. Vox Populi