DC Blogs Noted


A guest post, a letter, about Roxanne, whose accomplishments include second place for Least Obedient at the Dupont Circle Dog Show. Don’t read this at work. You may tear up. Washington Humane Society.

TC the Terrible works in an office with too many rules.

It’s been 18 years since she moved from Brazil. Attention Span of a Fly, who writes … the homesickness or “saudade” kicks in every now and again but it fades more and more with each passing year.

Two days to Petworth. Moving from LA to DC and the new home he just closed on. eric nuzum dot com

Predator control challenged in Capitol. Alaskan Abroad

Journalism Will Never Die. City Desk. It has nothing to do with DC except in spirit.

Blogger Meetup tonight — all invited. RFD, Gallery Place.