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The worse time for buying a house may have been 2006. Prices were still high and flippers, people who bought and quickly sold their houses to take advantage of bubble pricing, didn’t realize the game was up. DC Home and Condo Prices has several examples of houses that have sold well below their original purchase prices. Filed under: Dramatic.

Stephen Colbert Hung at the National Portrait Gallery. Eye Level. Over the really nice drinking fountains, too.

NBC’s Today show Monday featured a web site called Rotten Neighbor. The name describes its mission exactly. You can complain about your neighbor, i.e., a slob, bad pets, and this site will overlay it on a Google satellite map. It takes about 30 seconds (slow loading) for these little red houses will appear. Click on one. .. I checked out one neighbor, the fellow who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and discovered, shockingly, that “neighbor convicted of DUI.” This Web site has the potential of being a very nasty and litigious thing, but it hasn’t really caught on in DC.

Coyotes spotted in Petworth gallantly walking in the middle of the street, writes Joe Martin at Petworth News. (Via Metroblogging)

The untimely passing of Heath Ledger was noted by many bloggers. Caged Bird Sings explains some of the reasons for his appeal as an actor and person. Excerpt: Heath was one of the few actors who managed to stay out of Hollywood’s prominent “scene” and seemed grounded and sweet. This Australian actor was one I have always personally admired.

Recipe: Black Bean Soup with Crab and Andouille Sausage. Trouble with Toast.

If you see something, say something: Sticky Fingers, a vegan bakery across the street from Mayorga, deserves significant props.