DC Blogs Noted


A fantasy comes true: Attending Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp. Arjewtino.

The Problem with Pinot
. A nicely written post about the cultural complexity of a wine you may have tonight at dinner, Pinot Noir. DC Foodies. An excerpt: Now if you are going to pick a grape as a metaphor for relationships, Pinot Noir is apt: it is very difficult to cultivate, heavily influenced by its environs, can break your heart and ruin you in a bad year …

On Frozen Blog, which calls itself a “haven for the hockey malnourished,” takes photos of a hotdog eating contest during intermission. Warning: Lunch Unfriendly.

Pepsi Unveils Super Bowl Ad – With No Sound. A great commercial. So Good.

You can buy as many guns as you want in Virginia, but Sangria? Think again. Metrocurean.