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Always a gentleman. A bus story with a double-take sentence. Botox Pokerface

Me and Cosmo. Very good photo. Creative DC

Java Green: A Downtown Eco Café. On the Red Line. Excerpt: There are soy ice cream milkshakes, soy hot chocolate, and a wide array of smoothies.

Now we know what Amazon really delivers. Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in America, based on sales of romance novels and sex books on a per capita basis, are: (1) Alexandria. (9) Arlington. (11) DC.

The DC Universe watches homeless people buy scratch off lottery tickets and wonders: Why not have city-sanctioned Three Card Monte tables set up on every corner? That way, we’d get both people with gambling addictions AND gullible tourists. Plus, we’d never have to pay out.

Pardon the Angioplasty. why.i.hate.dc. A note about WaPo columnist Michael Wilbon.