DC Blogs Noted


SciWonk is off to attend a party at a friend’s house. She opens the door and lets herself in. To find out what happened next, read the post, titled: Wrong House.

Catholic guilt drama: I saw some nuns at Target, and it freaked me out. Dealing in Subterfuges

Cocktail Of The Week: Year Of The Rat (fink). Washington Cube’s take.

Intelligent Indeed. High praise Metro’s Smart Card, which actually did what it was suppose to do. 007 in Africa

Overheard Today on the 42 Bus. City Desk. The most interesting things are overheard on the bus from Mount Pleasant, through Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle to Metro Center/Gallery Place.

Blogger [specialty] happy hour round-up:

Calling All DC Food Bloggers!
Trouble with Toast is trying to organize a get-together for DC’s food blogging community.

DC 20 something Bloggers Happy Hour!
Feb 8, Friday. The True Tales of a Caffeine Addict