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Whole Foods Magnets Thoughts When I Really Should be Working Whole Food isn’t just a store, it’s a strange lifestyle. This post begins:

There is nothing more fascinating about living in the area of DC that i do, logan circle, than the way it’s defined by a grocery store. within a month of moving into the area, people suddenly eat only organic foods, even though we don’t even know what that means. we quickly decry all our years of shopping at more common grocery stores …

I got in an argument with a cab driver tonight Talkin’ Shit About A Pretty Sunset A pure vent: (Dennis find.) Our cab drivers have been stealing money from us for too long in the form of jacked- up fares. So even though they’re jacked-up, people are supposed to lie down and take it because cab drivers are proletarian. She’s Your Cocaine Here. In My Head The best part of jury duty is the movie. (Dennis find)

Finally someone came i at 9:15 to show us this kick ass video from the 80s about how jury selection happens. I’m telling you, there were some FIERCE hair styles in the video. That was pretty much the only thing keeping my attention through the video.