DC Blogs Noted


Foilwoman’s Diary comments on recent dating observations by local blogosphere writers. Her post begins: Yesterday, I saw a whole bunch of evidence that people who write about women’s sexuality and women’s life choices are delusional, not that there’s anything new about that.*

Crime in Logan Circle
. 14th & You looks at the crime data at offered on two Web sites and asks: How much do you care about the crime data? Are you ever concerned for your safety or about your property after reading such statistics?

My House in Vegas, DC. A new blog, with just a couple of posts, by a blogger who plans to write about living with HIV.

Don’t let snow keep you away from the Dupont farmer’s market. DC Foodies. Excerpt: Even in the dead of winter, the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market is a great source of locally-produced vegetables, pasture-raised buffalo meat, and artisan baked breads.