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Karma Calling came in for an oil change and left with a $200 bill.

Post-It Note spotting on Metro. Urban Bohemian wants to know what the note means.

Jamón Jamón wants to live in the present but can’t stop thinking about the future.

ChrisMoreau travels to Williamsburg says the most interesting thing he noticed is how nice people are, in contrast to DC.

Clearing out involves selling furniture on Craigs List. About Chicago, the new home: It doesn’t have the mad rush-ness of New York or the intense politicky-ness of DC. And its not as cold as I thought it would be. I mean, it is 12 below zero today, but with 3 layers of clothing and ample headgear I actually didn’t feel it so much. Life through the T-glass

Photography’s early history revealed at the National Gallery. islandgirl