DC Blogs Noted


Oh, Sorry, I’m New In DC. The attitude of saying you live in “The District.”

Now That I Hate Puppies, I’ll Hate Blogs, Too. Disaffected Scanner Jockey … the defensiveness is exactly what puts me off reading blogs. Especially comments sections. [For those readers who still like puppies, check out this post, I need a puppy Now, by Du Wax Loolu]

Style Snapshot: LA vs. DC
Material Girl in LA draws a comparison on how two women in DC, pictured, may dress in LA.

A bounty of photos from the Dupont Circle Farmers Market on Sunday. Temp was 36 degrees and the crab cakes seemed like the perfect warm-up. The Slow Cook.

Overheard in the Parking Lot. Technology & MSG. Small cars, big guys.