DC Blogs Noted


Turning Up the Volume hosts international visitors and becomes an impromptu tour guide and cultural liaison. She writes: I thought, “What could be more awkward than having two German choir members sleeping in my living room for four days.” Looking back on it, all I can think is “How could that weekend have been more fun?”

Are the McMansions of the outer suburbs destined to be the slums of tomorrow? CommuterPageBlog

A coworker interviews by phone for another job and takes the call in the office bathroom. To flush or not to flush? Water in a Mesh Bucket

DC Metrocentric gives a thumbs-up to the Salvation Army’s new Solomon Brown Center in Anacostia, still on track for completion in June. They write: Taking advantage of the opportunity to build a striking building while bringing needed services to the community sets this project apart in our book!

Those who live by the Google can perish by the Google. Keeping an eye on your online persona. Are Seven

A typical day in the life. Whiskey, Cigarettes, and Song Titles

Hybrid taxis in Arlington. Going Green DC

And in “sort of” DC news from further afield, a bronze statue of former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott was unveiled in Freemantle, Australia on Sunday. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna blog ‘n’ roll.