DC Blogs Noted


Is Monty Python losing its relevancy? Patricia writes: So if I ever have kids and eventually have them watch Monty Python, will get I get a surly teen look in return and a haughty “Why are we even watching this? This is so bad!” Will the poor quality detract from the humor or will the humor have changed so completely that the Python humor is just not funny…to them? Will they even care about an African or European swallow? Writing in DC

A DC blogger’s Ohio parents cast their votes and weigh in on negative ads. Dilettantish

Lacochran goes on a hike to nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, stumbles upon a winery, and comes away with a book idea.

Only five skating days left at the Sculpture Garden ice rink. On Frozen Blog

Eyewitness account of a DC manhole ‘splosion. Mr. T in DC

Motorola RAZR phone calendar predicts the end of civilization. B(ridge) and T(unnel) crowd

DC from the perspective of two British backpackers traveling the country via Amtrak. Bolsoversion

A California blogger visits DC and remembers her father, the first Samoan laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Laumanamea

This ain’t no disco. Foilwoman contemplates American casualties in Iraq and asks: Where are the Walt Whitmans of our time who will take care of our wounded and scarred youth? Who will write the poem like The Wound Dresser for this generation?

(Editor’s Note: Maybe part of the answer lies with us. Volunteer opportunities at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.)