DC Blogs Noted


Awake at 3:37 a.m. but not quite alone. Velvet in Dupont. Perfectly written.

Flying is dangerous for federal employees, according to monthly occupational work-related injuries reports. DC Zia. Jaw dropping.

I’m not a girl, not yet a wino writes of someone who won’t speak the truth. She deserves better than you, and I only wish she knew it.

I just couldn’t wait anymore. Since 2002 the rumor that Harris Teeter would open in Adams Morgan … wharman.

DC Fashion Week gets a mixed review in words and photo. Project Beltway.

With one-way fares to NYC via Amtrak as much as $98, a bus is becoming much more attractive option. The Washington Business Journal has a report about a new service, Boltbus, with fares ranging from $1 to $40. Wireless access as well. Via DCist, which fills out the report with comments.

Washington DC Photowalk – March 8, 2008. Photowalking.org