DC Blogs Noted:

Trials of Communal Living Hey Pretty Living in a group house reaches a breaking point after a President Bush refrigerator magnet arrives. An excerpt:

I thought it could be a bonding experience for a house populated by liberals and moderate Dems. I thought wrong.

The Half-Light Lipstick Gargoyle The writing is as good and interesting as the blog name. An excerpt: I think the greatest women in my family have had a close relationship with the twilight. Our greatest work is done then. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Till human voices wake us, and we drown. Neighbors call 911 over loud lovemaking.

Yeah, that’s right. We got a visit from the po-po because I’m a screamer.

Also Noted: Panda Ticket Tip: We met Zookeeper Mo, who told us the Zoo Secret– that despite the hype, it’s really quite easy to get tickets to see the pandas, especially when it’s cold. Just show up at 11:00 and claim the no-show tickets. Great photos. Panda-Monium! at EJ Takes Life. Bus drivers who ignore you. True life from Countersignature. Identity theft attempts. I have received numerous “phishing” phone calls that attempt to obtain personal information such as my social security number under the guise of checking some account or other. From Antigravitas. Two tales of out-of-control passion on the Metro. Separate incidents witnessed by Chase-ing Complacency and Scary Little Monkey. A pedestrian gets indignant when warned about traffic, from A Blokes Blog, the story of “a British bloke living in America.” New Orleans song in Dupont Circle, from The Iron Fist of Love. Tourist report: Observing the homeless in McPherson Square. Despite the wonderful day, I did see something that left me feeling a bit uneasy. During our cab ride we drove past McPherson Square, which is a couple of blocks from the White House. The square was completely littered: with newspapers, trash, and people … From Xoloitzquintle.